Green Living - Energy

We mainly rely on burning fossil fuels (such as coal, oil and natural gas) to produce energy. However, the process of burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide and aggravates climate change. There is no doubt that we cannot completely abandon the use of energy, but reducing energy consumption is everyone’s responsibility.

Green Rule

  • Use Grade 1 electricity appliance under the "Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme". A product with Grade 1 energy label is among the most energy efficient in the market.
  • Turn off computer screens, laptops and televisions completely, without using the stand-by mode.
  • Reduce your hours of using video games, computers or television each day.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with longer lasting, more efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs or LED light bulbs or tubes.
  • Reduce the use of air-conditioners. Use them only when the temperature is higher than 26°C.
  • The temperature of air-conditioners should not be set too low, the ideal is 25.5°C.
  • Pre-set your bedroom air-conditioner to turn off an hour before you will wake up.
  • Air-conditioners have high power consumption; cleaning air filters regularly can ensure the air-conditioners operate effectively and can save 30% of electricity.

Know More....

  • Electrical appliances consume power even in standby mode, wasting electricity that accounts for about 10-16% of the total electricity consumption, so remember to turn off electrical appliances completely.
  • Every 1°C increase in air-conditioner thermostat setting can generate a 6% electricity saving.
  • Compared with incandescent light bulbs, LED lights and compact fluorescent lights of the same brightness save 90% and 75% of electricity, respectively.
  • More than 10 times the electricity can be saved when you choose fans rather then air-conditioners.



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