Save 80% of Your Electricity Bill

Switch to Use LED lightings Now!

Assuming average household use 8 light bulbs, on HK$1 per kilowatt basis (HK$1/kWh); if we use 20W LED light bulb instead of 100W incandescent light bulb, lighting for 8 hours per day, a saving of HK$1,869 can be realized.

Electricity Bill = Kilowatt Hour (kWh) x Unit Rate Charge ($/kWh)

200W LED Light Bulb: 200W/1000 x 8 hours x 365 days x HK$1/kWh x 8 pieces = HK$467.20

100W Incandescent Light Bulb: 100W/1000 x 8 hours x 365 days x HK$1/kWh x 8 pieces = HK$2,336

Annual Saving of HK$1,868.80 (Up to 80% of electricity bill)


  1. LED light is cool light which only produces 3.4 btu’s/hour as compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs. This will help to cut down the air conditioning electricity charge.
  2. Fuel Clause Adjustment has not been included in the above bill calculation.
  3. Above information is for reference only.



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