Making Green Easy

In partnership with LiveRoof®, Firestone has developed the Pre-vegetated Invisible Modular Green Roof, a roofing system that combine performance and ecology consciousness. As a leading provider of roofing products, Talford plays an essential role in creating a greener environment by bringing in this unique roofing system.

LiveRoof® System

Step 1: First,the grower inserts the LiveRoof® Soil ElevatorTM into LiveRoof module  
Step 2: LiveRoof module is filled to the top of Soil Elevator with LiveRoof engineered soil  
Step 3: LiveRoof plants are grown to maturity approximately one inch above the LiveRoof module  
Step 4: Installer sets LiveRoof modules tightly in place on the roof within recommended edge treatments. Modules act as ballast to hold edging in place  
Step 5: LiveRoof Soil Elevator is removed for a beautiful, seamless, instantly mature green roof  
Step 6: Water in thoroughly (once) to settle any loose soil and to get your LiveRoof off to a great start  


  • Pre-vegetated, "invisible" tray system speeds installation and project completion
  • Growth media conforms to German FLL guidelines
  • Provides immediate evaporative cooling
  • Enhances resistance to wind erosion
  • Simplifies roof maintenance and repair


  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduces thermal and UV degradation
  • Reduces heat-island effect in surrounding
  • Enhances building’s LEED performance
  • Beautifies architectural landscape
  • Cleaner and quieter than traditional roofing systems

As a leading manufacturer of roofing products and an international company, Firestone Building Products plays a global role and responsibility in protecting the environment by focusing on four key areas of environmental concern:

  • Sustainability
  • Reflectivity
  • Conservation
  • Recyclable

Nobody covers you better. Nobody covers you greener.


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