Classroom Ideal Acoustical Environments Help To Reduce Stress And Improve Learning Behavior

The importance of acoustics in the educational process has become the subject of debate among educators, acousticians, audiologists, speech therapists and acoustical engineers. Apart from the question of criteria for an acoustically appropriate classroom, opinions have been expressed on the benefits and proper use of sound-field amplification systems, standards for acoustical materials, vocal stress in teachers, student behavior and safety in schools.

Researchers suggest background noise in classroom plays an important role in the construction of behavioral problems among children with a current conductive hearing loss. It has been suggested that students cannot clearly follow the vocal communication in a classroom will become alienated and anti-social. Although other factors may be involved, a poor acoustical environment is often a real handicap to some students affecting their participation in the dynamics of the classroom.

For the care of our children, Talford (Far East) Limited have bought in a full range of acoustical products which can greatly improve the quality of the learning environment. We work closely with architects, consultants, engineers and major construction companies for the proper specification and correct usage of the said acoustical products including product selection guidance , demonstration and as laboratory and on site testing.


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