Talford (Far East) Limited was founded by professionals who have been in the architectural building product industry long enough that could share their technical expertise and experience with customers.

Talford (Far East) Limited is a specialist supplier for fa├žade cladding and roofing material, waterproofing material and related products for building envelope. Talford's aim is strive to provide products of the highest possible quality within reliable and dependable lead-time.

Talford (Far East) Limited has the experience, technical expertise and distribution network for marketing various kind of building material products. Talford (Far East) Limited can offer assistance in material selection, specification, technical detailing and budgeting; and with the support of the Principals, technical assistance and services such as CAD design are provided and complimented locally by Talford engineers. Furthermore, Talford can provide on-site technical advice and startup commissioning to suit particular project requirements.
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